Free Gold Price Calculator & Current Gold Prices

Gold Prices Today – And Yesterday

Looking at the gold prices today makes many of wish we’d stocked up on it years ago. Back in August 1999, when gold was selling for around $250 per ounce, we weren’t paying a whole lot of attention to it.

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Gold Price Chart – More to the Picture

What can you tell from a gold price chart?

Not a whole lot, when it comes to predicting the future behavior of precious metals prices.

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Current Gold Prices and Future Predictions

What do current gold prices tell us about the future value of gold?

If considered alone, the current prices might not tell us a whole lot.

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Gold Price Per Gram and Selling Scrap Gold

If you’re looking to sell scrap gold, you’ll have to take into consideration the gold price per gram, but there are other things to consider, too.

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Current Gold Price – What Does it Predict?

Usually, when the value of the dollar drops, the current gold price goes up. But what does this really tell us?

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