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Gold Price CalculatorTo check the current live gold prices, you can visit our home page anytime. To learn more about how this price differs from the marketplace gold price, keep reading.

As you know, marketplace gold prices are very different from the current gold price, if you’re planning on selling scrap gold or gold jewelery.

To get an estimate of the current gold selling price with regards to your jewelery or gold scrap, take advantage of our free gold value calculator by clicking here.

Our scrap gold price calculator automatically subtracts the average profit the buyer of your gold will keep in the sale–so you get an idea of how much money you’re really make on the sale.

When you’re looking at gold prices, remember there’s more to consider than just how much gold is worth today. Especially when it comes to selling your gold jewelery and scrap gold, the first thing to keep in mind is this: it pays to do your homework.

The price a gold buyer is willing to pay will vary, depending on where you’re making your sale. Naturally, because buying and selling gold is a business, the person buying your gold is intent on making a profit. But that doesn’t mean the numbers are written in stone. Sometimes, if you’re willing to travel just a few extra miles, you can significantly increase your profit.

And here’s a tip you’ll hear us talk about a lot, because some gold buyers won’t tell you this: the value of any stones in your gold jewelery should be priced separately from the gold. So, if you’re jewelery also has precious stones in the setting–for example, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and so on–those stones have value all by themselves, separate from the gold setting.

When you’re planning to sell your gold, it’s important to know what the gold market looks like, but it’s just as important to shop around.

Take your time before making your sale, and be sure you know more than just today’s live gold prices. Get estimates from at least three gold buyers (or more, if possible) and know the value of your gold, before you sell.

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